About us

In 2009, Favor Gear International, Inc. was started by Shawn Momon, an Atlanta native, who was given a Vision by God to create a brand of apparel that could have a positive universal message for all people regardless of age, background, and/or gender

    At Favor Gear, we are known as a company that is Style conscious and Status Conscious. The key theme for Favor Gear is “the message behind this is the message inside you”.  Words, pictures, and symbols on apparel that are positive and affirming allow people to be conscious of what they wear. This the Ultimate form of expression. We use the highest quality materials for our garments and innovative printing technology. Therefore, our customers get to choose from a large garment selection. 



Favor Gear International's mission is to offer the finest in custom apparel production. Favor Gear International will offer customers the best product at the best price. Customer's expectations will always be exceeded because they are included in the design process.



To become known as the Premier Customized clothing line.

To satisfy the apparel needs of our customers globally.

For Favor Gear to be the chosen apparel for ages 0-99+.


Leverage innovative technology as a competitive advantage.

Exceed customer expectations with high quality/reasonable products.

Being Creative and Innovative in the Design Process.



"Clothes For The Prosperous". Feel the power, authority, honor, freedom and American Dream of wearing apparel that is unique, inspiring and revolutionary. Customers have testified that they love their Favor Gear because of the variety of colors, durability of the garments, and the positive reaction they get from friends or strangers.


At Favor Gear, it is our goal to keep abreast of the latest trends and fashions, while at the same time, bringing fresh new ideas that will not only change the landscape of fashion, but also change the way consumers shop and view their clothes. We will do this by offering a clothing line that not only is appealing to the eye but comfortable, and of good quality.


Community Service

Favor Gear takes pride in giving back to the community and schools. Favor Gear provides Math tutoring for 6th-12th graders. In 2011, Favor Gear talked to students about following their dreams for Career Day at Columbia Middle School. In addition, Favor Gear helped serve food at Hapeville Elementary Teachers Appreciation Day. In the near future Favor Gear will be feeding and providing clothes for the homeless, being a sponsor at AIDS Atlanta, Cancer Society, and other non-profit organizations.